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Why you need to be drinking organic, pure coffee

We’ve all seen the new health craze of organic everything popping up, even at places like Starbucks, but how do we know which brands are legit and which are hopping on the bandwagon to market and “green wash” a large and rapidly growing consumer base? Why should you even care?

There’s no question that there’s an alarming increase in cancer rates, diabetes and other terrible health concerns and people are starting to wonder how has this epidemic gotten so out of hand? While we don’t know every answer to that question, so much information has been uncovered about the food and beverage industry and the lack of regulations and standards. A company can say “natural” and other green washing terms but not be organic and pesticide free. Companies can sell products to be eaten, drank or put on your body that have cancer causing ingredients and it’s completely legal as of right now. Why is that? Because sadly, it’s much cheaper to spray a bunch of chemicals on food, like glyphosate and chlorpyritos, that cause cancer but kill off bugs and grow big, juicy beans, and a lot of companies will do just that to make more money. While unbelievable, that’s the sad truth and the reason WE need to do our research and start sourcing our food and coffee from trustworthy companies who have tested and grown their coffee beans with the upmost integrity and strictest standards.

But there’s so much hope! Luckily, there are truly organic, pesticide free companies who have seen the demand for good food and coffee and have stepped up to the plate to provide us with better alternatives! I believe every single coffee connoisseur should be able to drink their coffee or latte that not only satisfies their craving and energy boost, but also nourishes and supports the body. This is why my company, Crescent Coffee, carefully hand picks every coffee blend, milk, syrup, powder and even water source to ensure you are being nourished from the inside out! We have chosen to partner with local roaster, Counter Culture, because of their ethics and carefully crafted organic blends and coffee bean preparation. Read more about them and our coffee beans in their blog at